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Hyla Soft Website + Illustration

Being one of the fastest growing companies in Chicago has it's unique challenges. Hyla Soft approached us to collaborate and build a custom online experience to accommodate their complex content, unique demands of their niche industry (Manufacturing IT), and evolving company culture. The site is created with flexible building blocks to organize content for the end-users and Hyla Soft's internal marketing team.

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A Mess of Existing Posts and Content

Hyla Soft is a global technology and consulting firm that provides solutions in the manufacturing space. They had a significant online presence leading up to this redesign project, but they approached us with a desire to move their branding and site functionality into a contemporary space. Their previous site was dated and poorly maintained, so we had to come up with a game plan to move over hundreds of news posts, events, and white papers. They came to us having already produced basic wireframes and a solid vision on how they wanted their site to work before we started building. 


A hyper-flexible CMS

We worked closely with their marketing team and ensured that the discovery phase was as exhaustive and detail-oriented as the final handover. Hyla Soft needed a powerful, flexible CMS to support the complex features and content it required. It also needed to be responsive and easy to update for their marketing team. We chose Craft CMS for its ability to manage multiple content types and easy to use back-end. 

All content on the site is translated into 4 languages. English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese

During the website build, we also designed the artwork for Hyla Soft’s new US office!

End Result

Hyla Soft is a unique firm, and their specialized techniques are marketed with a wealth of diverse content. It was up to us to not only understand and organize this content, but to ensure that the data was presented in a logical, easily-accessible manner to their prospective clients. We were able to effectively map out redundant content, eliminate it, and optimize the site for the best content delivery and functionality. 

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