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Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans Website

MSHV was struggling with every challenge you could imagine. Website content with a dated look & feel, limited access to their hosted site, simultaneous migration to new CRM software, and all of this being managed by a one-woman tech team! We collaborated with various members of the organization to design and build a new site that suited not only their business requirements, but the veterans they serve.

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Limited Resources

The MSHV team’s biggest road block when it came to their website was that they had no access to the back-end to make updates. They had no previous experience maintaining a website in-house and needed help choosing a CMS that would be flexible and easy to updated for their small team. This was a great opportunity to refresh their dated brand and content as well.


Telling their story

We chose CraftCMS for the shelter for its clean interface and ease of updating. In addition to bringing the site maintenance in-house, we sat down with key MSHV stakeholders to determine additional goals of the rebuild. One was to improve the overall impression of the shelter and broadcast the success stories of their residents. To do this, we added interviews and quotes from former residents and focused the photography around people within the organization. We gave the site ample white space and a clean icon style to feel friendly and hopeful.

The shelter's photo assets were limited, so we designed built-in overlays and textures to keep older photographs looking consistent.

This site includes a custom Constant Contact plugin we built for CraftCMS! You can download it below.

End Result

MSHV now has a custom, updated website that even a single member IT team can manage! The site brought their brand into a contemporary, online space that gives them greater confidence when approaching donors and like minded organizations. 

Download Constant Contact CraftCMS plugin here

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